How To Calculate How Much Of A House You Can Afford In 7 Steps

Graphic of a new house with a front lawn

Buying a house is likely one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life and is not to be taken lightly. It requires careful planning and consideration. Before looking into a monumental purchase, the first step is understanding how much of a house you can truly afford. It involves analyzing several factors […]

10 Payment Plans To Consider Including Benefits & Pitfalls

Man holding financial paperwork

In today’s consumer-driven world, it’s becoming increasingly common for individuals to make purchases on credit or use payment plans to afford big-ticket items. Whether it’s a car, a house, education, medical bills or even a new smartphone, payment plans have become integral to our financial landscape.  But what exactly is a payment plan, and how […]

6 Different Types of Mortgage Loans To Consider Today

Infographic of a man signing mortgage paperwork

Buying a home is one of the largest and most complicated purchases most people make. And as the average American doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars saved, most people can only secure their housing by getting a home loan.  One of the first decisions a home buyer needs to make is identifying which type […]

A Review of NetLoanExpress: Loan Options, Eligibility Requirements, and Costs

Graphic of a man standing in front of a bank looking to invest

Life is full of ups and downs, some of which are financial in nature. Anyone who has ever experienced an unexpected situation that requires fast cash knows the stress that accompanies financial hardship and trying to secure a loan. Fortunately, there are online platforms that help to match prospective borrowers with a loan that fits […]

AmeriSave Mortgage And The 8 Types of Home Loans They Offer

Infographic of a two story house with trees and the sun shining

Buying a home is one of the biggest undertakings of most people’s lives. Not only do you need to determine where you should live and what type of home you want, but you also must create a budget and secure financing to make the purchase. Many people apply for a mortgage to fund the purchase […]

AAG Reverse Mortgage: Helping Seniors Live a Better Retirement Life

Infographic of an elderly couple sitting on their couch at home

With so many different types of home loans these days, it can be hard to keep them all straight. Today we will keep it simple and are talking specifically about reverse mortgage loans. Reverse mortgages are designed specifically for borrowers at least 62 years old, making them the perfect option for retirees who need funds […]

How To Get A Car Loan With Bad Credit In 6 Steps

Infographic of someone looking into a car loan with a low credit score

Your vehicle is one of your most expensive assets, so it’s important to take good care of it. Unfortunately, even the best vehicles don’t last forever. If it’s time for a replacement, it can be tough to qualify for financing if you have any blemishes on your credit history. This guide explains how to get […]

4 Types Of Loans For Bad Credit & 3 Great Options To Consider

Infographic of someone wanting to take out a loan with bad credit

Everyone has unexpected expenses from time to time. For people with high credit scores, it’s easy to take out a personal loan or sign up for a new credit card to cover expenses and move on with life. But what if your credit score is low? Traditional banks may turn down your application, leaving you […]

How to Secure the Best Auto Loan Rate [5 Factors To Keep In Mind]

Infographic of a a man looking to secure an auto loan rate

With the average price of a new car reaching $36,000 in December 2022, it’s more important than ever to negotiate favorable terms when taking out an auto loan. One of the most important terms to consider is the interest rate, which is the fee you pay for borrowing money. Interest is calculated as a percentage […]

Getting a Loan with Bad Credit [ Plus 3 Great Alternatives]

Infographic of man climbing a ladder for getting a loan with bad credit

Next to your Social Security number, your credit score is one of the most critical numbers in your life. It helps determine whether you qualify for loans and credit cards influence your interest rates, and can even affect the cost of your auto insurance policy. If your score isn’t where you want it to be, […]