7 Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Your Medicare Premiums With These Strategies

Infographic of a family holding money trying to figure out paying for medicare

When you are on a fixed budget, every expense matters. That includes the premiums and fees that come along with your Medicare coverage. Some retirees with higher-than-average incomes get hit with monthly income-related adjustments to their Medicare premiums. These extra fees add up and wreak havoc on a strict household budget. While healthcare coverage is […]

How to Get a New Social Security Card [In 4 Steps]

Infographic of a woman with a magnifying glass looking at a social security card

A Social Security card is a crucial document that is needed for many everyday transactions, such as opening a bank account, getting a job, and receiving government benefits. However, what happens when you lose your card or it is stolen? Getting a new Social Security card can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t […]