Worried About Retirement? Here are 5 Retirement Income Streams to Consider

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Retirement can feel both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. The idea of getting to stop work is very appealing. But, the thought of living off of just social security and pension payouts can be frightening. However, you can feel much more secure in your retirement if you plan ahead and find additional retirement […]

7 Retirement Savings Mistakes to Avoid: Lessons for a Secure Future

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According to some experts, millennials and Gen Z can expect to need $3 million in savings when they hit retirement age if they plan to retire in the US. Previously, people this age were often told $1 million in savings could secure a comfortable future. But, with the dramatic increase in living costs over the […]

Traveling in Retirement: Budget-Friendly Tips for Exploring the World

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Traveling in retirement represents a golden opportunity to explore the world, immerse in new cultures, and fulfill long-held dreams. However, managing this on a fixed income or retirement savings requires careful planning and smart strategies to make the most of every dollar.  Here are a few smart tips for budget-friendly travel in retirement, ensuring you […]

5 Volunteer Opportunities with AARP

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Volunteering is a perfect way to make a difference in your community, connect with others, and find purpose. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) provides numerous opportunities for individuals to volunteer, leveraging their skills and experiences to benefit others.  Whether you’re interested in advocating for the rights of older adults, assisting with tax preparation, […]

How to Create a Financial Plan: A Roadmap to Achieving Your Goals

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Financial success and security don’t happen accidentally or overnight; they require careful planning and strategic decision-making. Creating a comprehensive financial plan is your roadmap to achieving your goals, whether buying a home, saving for retirement, or starting a business.  We’ll explore the steps to create a financial plan that aligns with your personal objectives, timeline […]

The Importance of Estate Planning: Protecting Your Family’s Future

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​​Estate planning might seem like a concern for the distant future or something only the wealthy need to consider. However, regardless of your age or economic status, estate planning is crucial in managing your assets and ensuring your family’s future is secure. This comprehensive guide will outline why estate planning is essential and how it […]

10 Tips For Retiring Early And Enjoy Your Golden Years

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Retiring early is a dream for many. Being able to travel, pick up new hobbies, relax, and more time spent with loved ones is something we all look forward to as we get older.  But the reality is early retirement requires careful planning, disciplined saving, and financial dedication to achieve. And unfortunately, only about half of […]

9 Effective Tips: Teach Children to Save Money & Instill Financial Responsibility

Graphic of dad and son on a computer learning about investing

Instilling good financial habits in children is crucial for their future success. Teaching them to save money early on gives them a head start in managing personal finances and fosters discipline and responsibility. With a child of my own, I understand the importance of equipping children with the knowledge and skills needed to build a […]

Which States Won’t Tax Your Military Retirement?

Infographic of a man in the US with a map for military retirement

Retirement is an exciting word, regardless of your career path. However, there is something especially special about retiring from the United States military.  Did you know that only 7.3% of veterans receive retirement benefits? So, if you or your loved one are preparing for this momentous occasion, congratulations! And thank you for your service.  To […]