A Review of NetLoanExpress: Loan Options, Eligibility Requirements, and Costs

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Life is full of ups and downs, some of which are financial in nature. Anyone who has ever experienced an unexpected situation that requires fast cash knows the stress that accompanies financial hardship and trying to secure a loan. Fortunately, there are online platforms that help to match prospective borrowers with a loan that fits their needs and their budget. NetLoanExpress is one such option.

What Is NetLoanExpress?

NetLoanExpress is a free, zero-obligation service that connects borrowers to an online network of lenders offering loans up to $5,000. Anyone interested in obtaining a loan can fill out the online application and start to receive loan offers in just a few minutes.

The secure form is available 24/7 and accessible using any type of device, making it a convenient process for nearly anyone. Borrowers that wish to accept a loan offer just need to e-sign the loan agreement and will have access to funds as early as the next business day.

Who It’s For

NetLoanExpress is best for anyone that needs fast cash to cover medical expenses, bills, auto or home repairs, or any event that requires access to some extra money. Many lending institutions take weeks to approve a loan and release the funds, but the NetLoanExpress network of lenders speed that process along.

The platform connects borrowers with a wide range of lenders so almost anyone, regardless of credit history, can find a lender. Applicants with good credit or poor credit — and even no credit at all — are welcome to apply. Having access to many lenders with a single application saves time and improves the user’s chances of finding an offer.

Who It’s Not For

Since NetLoanExpress loans are capped at $5,000, the service isn’t for those who need to borrow more than this amount. Some users may also prefer to work with a lender directly or in person instead of conducting the process online.

Loan Types

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At NetLoanExpress, borrowers have access to two types of loans:

  • Cash advances: A cash advance is a solution for those who need a short-term loan to cover emergency expenses until their next payday.
  • Installment loans: Also called personal loans, these are ideal for larger expenses and have a monthly repayment plan.

Every borrower has different needs and circumstances to consider when selecting the appropriate loan type.

ThingsTo Consider When Choosing A Loan 

It’s important to understand the terms of the loan before e-signing the documents. Exact features vary by lender, but the basics include the following:

Loan Amount

Users can request a loan in any amount between $100 and $5,000. The amount a borrower can receive depends upon their state of residence, employment, income and credit history. Users that can’t connect with a lender for their desired amount may be eligible for a smaller loan. Anyone unable to match with a lender for their loan request receives additional options from NetLoanExpress to help address pressing financial needs.

Deposit Times

Many borrowers get the funds from their loan directly deposited into their bank account as soon as the next business day. However, deposit times can vary depending on eligibility and loan terms.

Repayment Terms

How long borrowers have to repay loans depends on the type of loan they take out. Cash advances typically require repayment on the user’s next payday. Installment loans, on the other hand, have multiple monthly payments lasting from 12 to 60 months.

Users that have trouble repaying a loan can reach out to their lender to discuss possible alternative repayment options. Eligibility depends on the borrower’s circumstances and the program options the lender has available.


The security of sensitive personal and financial data is a top concern for many users seeking a loan. NetLoanExpress is committed to keeping all information and interactions on its website safe using enhanced 256-bit data encryption and industry-standard security protocols.

Pros and Cons of NetLoanExpress

The pros of using NetLoanExpress:

  • Fast application and loan process
  • Submit information to multiple lenders with one easy application
  • No minimum credit score is required to apply
  • Free and no obligation until the user e-signs a loan agreement

The cons of using NetLoanExpress:

  • $5,000 loan limit
  • Unknown loan terms until the user reads through each offer
  • Not available in the District of Columbia, New York or West Virginia

NetLoanExpress Costs

Loans aren’t free money. They have interest rates and fees along with the principal balance, and all must be repaid. A loan offer may include the following:

  • Origination fee: This is an initial fee charged to cover the costs of processing and administering a loan. The amount is typically a percentage of the total loan. This fee may be added to the APR or deducted from the loan amount before funds get deposited into the borrower’s bank account.
  • Annual percentage rate (APR): The APR represents the yearly cost of the loan and includes finance charges, fees and interest rates.
  • Late fee: Borrowers that fail to make the minimum monthly payment by the due date could get charged a late fee. Some lenders have a grace period that allows several days beyond the due date before the late fee is applied.
  • Prepayment penalty: Users that sign a loan agreement commit to a predetermined loan term. Paying off the loan in advance of that term could cause the lender to charge a prepayment fee.

How to Apply for a Loan

The application process is simple. Borrowers simply fill out a form on the NetLoanExpress website to determine their eligibility. Some of the information collected includes personal data, desired loan amount, employment details and banking information for an active account.

Those that meet the requirements can pursue any of the offers they receive. The user gets directed to the lender’s site to view the loan terms and agreement before finalizing the loan.

Bottom Line: Is NetLoanExpress Right for Me?

NetLoanExpress is a popular platform for borrowers to access an emergency cash loan. The online process, fast approvals and access to an entire network of lenders are appealing to many users. However, it’s important to remember that NetLoanExpress only connects borrowers with lenders; it does not issue loans. Anyone interested in a loan should explore multiple options and read loan offers carefully to compare loan costs and get the most favorable terms.

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